Rough Bark Eucalypts

E. dives Broad Leaved Peppermint

The leaves are peppermint scented; the juvenile leaves consistently opposite; the oil is thin and watery, not sticky.

Bark of E. dives

E. macrorhyncha Red Stringybark

Leaves not peppermint scented; juvenile leaves alternate or rarely sub opposite; oil sticky viscous.

Bark of E. macrorhyncha

E. bridgesiana Apple Box

Juvenile leaves alternate, bark with tile like fissures, yellow brown inside.

Bark of E. bridgesiana
Bark of E. bridgesiana
E. bridgesiana

These images of buds, nuts and leaf shape are taken from the pamphlet “A guide to eucalypts in the ACT” the concept of Peter Ormay.

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