March can be a great time for looking at the gums as the smooth barked ones shed their bark in marvellous ribbons and curls. This is the time when you can use trunk colour to distinguish the yellow of the Scribbly Gum (Eucalyptus rossii) and greyish white of the Brittle Gums (E. mannifera).

Watch also for autumn tones in the native Native Cherry (Exocarpos cupressiformis). This only occurs with some trees, in some location – but the same ones get an autumn toning each year.

Peak flowering may be earlier or later in other areas and can also vary with season.

In Flower in March

Scientific NameCommon NameDescription
Acaena ovinaSheep's Burr 
Amyema miqueliiMistletoeParasitic on E. melliodora
Eucalyptus blakelyiBlakely's Red GumBark red, in bud, juvenile foliage
Eucalyptus bridgesianaApple BoxBark, juvenile foliage
Eucalyptus divesBroad-leaved PeppermintBuds
Eucalyptus macrorhynchaRed StringybarkBark
Eucalyptus manniferaBrittle or Red Spotted GumBark, Buds, juvenile foliage
Eucalyptus melliodoraYellow BoxBuds, juvenile foliage
Eucalyptus polyanthemosRed BoxBark, juvenile foliage, buds,
Eucalyptus rossiiScribbly gumBark, Buds, juvenile foliage
Eucalyptus rubidaCandlebarkBark, Buds, leaves, juvenile foliage
Exocarpos cupressiformisNative CherryTiny yellow flowers
Panicum effusumHairy Panic GrassGrass
Phalaris minorPhalaris (introduced)Grass
Typha orientalisBulrushBrown velvet spike


Scientific NameCommon NameDescription
Brachycome rigidula Purple daisy
Cassinia quinquefaria Yellow daisy


Scientific NameCommon NameDescription
Cassytha pubescensDevils TwineReddish colour
Monotoca scopariaBroom HeathPink flowers

Friends of Aranda Bushland, May 1999 with help from Naomi Bell.

Our list is not fully comprehensive and we appreciate help in adding new plants and flowering times.

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