Canberra winters can be great walking weather with interesting flora to view. Not much starts flowering in June and nothing in July, but by August the early wattles are appearing and there is the promise of spring.

Peak flowering may be earlier or later in other areas and can also vary with season.

In Flower in June

Scientific NameCommon NameDescription
Hakea decurrens Typical Hakea white flowers
Melichrus urceolatusUrn HeathEpacridaceae


Scientific NameCommon NameDescription
Acacia buxifoliaBox-leaved WattleBright yellow flowers
Acacia dealbataSilver WattleFeathery silver leaves
Acacia genistifoliaEarly WattlePale yellow flowers
Acacia gunniiPloughshare WattleSmall with distinctive foliage
Acacia lanigeraHairy WattleSmall erect or spreading shrub
Acacia rubidaRed Leaf WattleHolds juvenile leaves at base
Blechnum cartilagineumGristle FernSeen only once
Hardenbergia violaceaFalse SarsaparillaPurple pea ground cover
Hovea linearisPea FlowerSmall upright purple peas
Leucopogon attenuatus Tiny white flowers
Persoonia rigidaRigid GeebungBlue/grey fruit

Friends of Aranda Bushland, May 1999 with help from Naomi Bell.

Our list is not fully comprehensive and we appreciate help in adding new plants and flowering times.

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