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The Friends of Aranda Bushland (FoAB) is a park care group interested in conserving and promoting their natural bushland environment, and adjoining bushland areas.

The Aranda Bushland is a 100 ha reserve of eucalypt forest and woodland on the southern slopes of Aranda Hill, the north side being the suburb Aranda. It adjoins Black Mountain Reserve to the east and The Pinnacle Nature Reserve to the west, and forms part of Canberra Nature Park, a network of urban open space reserves throughout the national capital.

You can view and download a detailed map and a brochure of the Aranda Bushland.

Ian Falconer leading a walk through the Aranda bushland

Ian Falconer leading a walk through the Aranda bushland

We have been active in the conservation of the Aranda Snow Gums Heritage Site, a frost-hollow below the Aranda Bushland, adjacent to William Hovell Drive, the only surviving Snow Gum patch within the city of Canberra.

Snowgums lost through accidental spray drift from spraying briars have been replaced with seedlings grown from local seed by local schools. FoAB members also undertake regular erosion control, weed control and monitoring activities.

Membership of the Friends of Aranda Bushland is free and open to anyone interested in conservation of our local bushland. Our constitution can be read here.

Vale Ian Loiterton

Walking in France: Ian Loitterton

Ian Loitterton

On the 6th of December 2019, Ian Loiterton, one of our most energetic and well-loved members, died after two weeks in hospital. This was a complete shock to everybody, as the doctors could not find anything wrong with him, and before that he had been the picture of health.

Ian’s great project was establishing the new walk in the woodland adjoining the snow gums reserve. The route was documented and he had applied for grants to pay for interpretive signs and marker posts. Ian wanted this walk to be called “The Woodland Walk” – to distinguish it from our other walk, “The Frost Hollow to Forest Walk” – but since his death we have decided to name it after him , “The Ian Loiterton Walk”.

The photo shows him on the lonely stile in the snow gums reserve, wearing his battered old hat and with his arms raised as if in blessing.
(Photo by Tim The Yowie Man)

Annual Reports

For a summary of our activities for each year since 2005, please go to Annual Reports.

Monthly work parties

On the first Sunday of every month we have a work party, either in the Snow Gums or in the Aranda bushland. Activities vary according to the time of year.

Morning tea under the snow gums

Morning tea under the snow gums

In spring and summer our energies are concentrated on weeding – St John’s Wort, Paterson’s Curse, wild mustard, African Capeweed and others need to be controlled so that the native grassland species have the space to grow.

A typical morning tea

A typical morning tea

In autumn we switch to planting of native grasses and similar low-growing species. Winter is the time for repairing the walking tracks and controlling erosion in the gully.

Working in the grassland


All volunteer work in the Canberra Nature Park is


until 19 September, 2020.

This is a legally binding directive from the ACT government.

Walking in the Aranda Bushland is still permitted and encouraged.

Our Patch

Our Patch

Friends of Aranda Bushland Field Guide to the Flora of the Australian Capital Region as photographed in the Aranda Bushland (2nd ed, 2007). The guide contains 179 plant species, 302 colour photos, two maps and an index. It was put together by FoAB members with the help of the Botanical Gardens Herbarium staff and a grant from the Federal government. It’s a perfect size for carrying in pockets and backpacks, and provides an easy-to-use- aid to identifying the flora of the Aranda Bushland.

Our Patch is available from FoAB, but can also be obtained at the Botanical Bookshop, the Uni Co-op Bookshop and the Yarralumla Nursery.


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