Spring is a marvellous time for seeing wildflowers in Canberra’s bushlands. The small ground orchids can be difficult to find until you get an eye for them and some don’t flower each year.

Peak flowering may be earlier or later in other areas and can also vary with season.

In Flower in September

Scientific NameCommon NameDescription
Acacia decurrensBlack WattleSmall tree
Acacia implexaHickory WattleSmall tree
Acacia melanoxylonBlackwoodSmall tree
Ajuga australisAustralian Bugle Herb
Aristida ramosaPurple Wire GrassGrass
Caladenia caeruleaBlue OrchidOrchid
Caladenia cucullataHooded CaladeniaOrchid
Caladenia fuscata Orchid
Clematis microphylla var leptophyllaSmall-leaved ClematisClimber
Cryptandra amara var longiflora Small shrub
Cymbonotus lawsonianusBear's EarsGround hugger
Cyrtostylis reniformisGnat OrchidVery small orchid
Dillwynia phylicoidesParrot PeaSmall shrub
Eucalyptus paucifloraSnow GumBuds only
Hibbertia ripariaGuinea FlowerGround cover
Leucopogon fletcheri sub brevisepalus Low shrub
Leucopogon microphyllus var pilibundus Low shrub
Lomandra longifolia Rush
Olearia microphylla Daisy shrub
Omphacomeria acerbaSour BushScrambler
Pseudognaphalium luteoalbumJersey Cudweed 
Pterostylis nutansNodding GreenhoodOrchid
Wurmbea dioica subsp dioicaEarly NancyHerb



Scientific NameCommon NameDescription
Aira elegantissimaDelicate HairgrassGrass
Brachyloma daphnoides Small shrub
Bulbine bulbosaGolden LilyLily
Caladenia carnea Orchid
Caladenia congestaBlack Tongue CaladeniaOrchid
Caladenia gracilisMusky CaladeniaOrchid
Caladenia sp aff dimorpha Orchid
Caladenia sp aff tentaculataSpider OrchidOrchid
Calochilus robertsoniiPurplish Beard OrchidOrchid
Craspedia variabilisBilly ButtonsDaisy
Daviesia mimosoides subsp mimosoidesBitter PeaSmall shrub
Dillwynia sericeaEggs and Bacon PeaSmall shrub
Diuris semilunulataDonkey OrchidOrchid
Diuris suplhureaTiger OrchidOrchid
Eucalyptus divesBroad-leafed PeppermintTree in flower
Eucalyptus polyanthemosRed BoxTree in flower
Galium gaudichaudii Herb
Glossodia majorWax Lip OrchidOrchid
Glycine clandestinaTwining GlycineClimber
Grevillea alpina Small bush
Hibbertia calycinaLesser Guinea FlowerGround cover
Indigofera adesmiifolia Straggly shrub
Indigofera australisAustralian IndigoShrub with mauve peas
Leptospermum multicaule Low shrub, white flowers
Lomandra multifloraMatrushRush
Luzula spWoodrushSedge
Microseris lanceolataYam Daisy 
Phyllanthus hirtellusThyme SpurgeSmall hairy shrub
Pultenaea procumbensEggs and Bacon PeaLow shrub
Schoenus apogon Sedge
Stackhousia monogynaCreamy CandlesSmall shrub
Stypandra glaucaNodding Blue LilyLily
Thelymitra sp aff ixioidesSpotted Sun OrchidOrchid
Thysanotus patersoniiTwining Fringed LilyLily
Veronica calycinaForest SpeedwellHerb
Viola betonicifoliaMountain VioletViolet
Vittadinia cuneata var cuneataNew Holland DaisyDaisy



Scientific NameCommon NameDescription
Billardiera scandens var scandensAppleberryYellow flowers tipped red
Bracteantha viscosaSticky EverlastingYellow daisy
Briza maximaQuaking Grass (introduced)Grass
Briza minorShivery Grass (introduced)Grass
Carex appressaHook SedgeSedge
Chrysocephalum semipapposumClustered EverlastingYellow daisy
Convolvulus erubescensBindweedPink convolvulus
Craspedia canensBilly ButtonsYellow daisy
Dianella revoluta var revolutaBlue Flax LilyBlue flowers, purple berries
Dodonaea viscosa sub spatulataHop BushFemale flowers with winged seeds
Gompholobium huegeliiPale Wedge PeaYellow pea flowers
Gonocarpus tetragynus Red flowers, tufted plant
Goodenia hederacea subs hederaceaScrambled EggsGround cover, yellow flowers
Helichrysum collinum Yellow daisy
Helichrysum scorpioidesButton EverlastingYellow flower
Hibbertia obtusifoliaGuinea FlowerYellow flower
Holcus lanatusYorkshire Fog (introduced)Grass
Hydrocotyle laxifloraStinking PennywortHerb
Hypericum gramineumSmall St John's WortYellow flowers
Hypoxis hygrometrica var villosisepalaGolden StarYellow flowers
Joycea pallidaRed-anther Wallaby GrassGrass
Kunzea parvifolia Pink flowers
Lepidosperma laterale  
Leptorhynchos squamatusHairy ButtonsYellow daisy
Lomandra filiformisWattle MatrushCream flowers December
Lomandra longifoliaMatrushTight, Cream spikes
Lomandra multifloraFemale spikeDark coloured clusters of berries
Mirbelia oxylobioidesMountain MirbeliaTypical orange pea
Myosotis discolorForget-me-not (introduced) 
Olearia tenuifolia Pink daisy
Pimelea linifolia subsp linifoliaRice FlowerCream/white flower
Poranthera microphylla White flower
Sherardia arvensisField Madder (introduced)Pink flowers
Stellaria pungensPrickly StarwortSmall white flowers
Stipa scabra subs falcataSlender SpeargrassGrass
Stylidium graminifoliumTrigger PlantPink flowers
Thelymitra nudaPlain Sun OrchidPurple
Thysanotus tuberosusFringed LilyMauve fringed flowers
Tolpis umbellataYellow Hawkweed (introduced)Yellow daisy
Trifolium campestreHop CoverCream flowers
Triptilodiscus pygmaeus Yellow flowers
Wahlenbergia stricta sub strictaTall BluebellBluebell


Friends of Aranda Bushland, May 1999 with help from Naomi Bell.

Our list is not fully comprehensive and we appreciate help in adding new plants and flowering times.

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